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The Nations of Ha-Nahn

Within Ha-Nahn multiple nomadic and semi-nomadic nations and civilizations exist. However, the tales of Ha-Nahn center predominantly on the three stationary civilizations of that are joined together by the Magechief Accords.


Zanza makes its home along the great river in the southern deserts along with outposts along its northern mountain range.

People of the Shield

Long ago in Zanza’s ancient past it’s said their founder saw a vision of Ha-Nahn protected by a wall of tortoise shells. Since that time the great desert tortoise has been an important symbol amongst the Zanza and is seen as one aspect of “the Giver,” the deity at the center of religion for Zanza as well as Atlea and Khem. This vision, legend says, led to the adoption of a large but light and strong shield fashioned after the shape of the tortoise’s shell. It’s since become synonymous with Zanza’s military and the people themselves.

In Zanza, warchiefs have more power than in the other nations and their current leader is a rarity since the end of the Era of Blades and Blood: a former warchief. In much of the rest of Ha-Nahn the women’s councils that elect the headchief are wary of warriors believing one who loves war may struggle to love peace. Nevertheless a woman named Bushra has ascended to the chief’s palace with her husband Javon now serving as her warchief.

The Atleans

Considered the youngest of the three major nations Atlea has grown rich off the trade between Zanza in the south and Khem in the north. Their position in the savannahs along with access to a dense river network has made them a potent trade hub.

Not merely in materials but knowledge. Atlea boasts some of the most impressives mages and universities on the continent.

Additionally it currently boasts the youngest acting Magechief: Amudan.

Amudan has only recently taken his father's hold role. A strange situation as not only is it rarer for men to ascend to the role of Magechief in Ha-Nahn but it's especially rare for one so young and one related to the most recent Magechief for fear of accusations of nepotism.

Amudan earned the title on his merits but is desperate to demonstrate that reality, as there are multiple factions unhappy with his new title.


In the north, Khem, the second daughter thrives in the lush jungles and rainforests. A nation of refugees from ancient wars in the far south they became something entirely new while maintaining some connections to their desert pasts. Khemite culture tends to put emphasis and value on beauty and expression. As well as caring for the things of the past. Children wear and care dilligently for gold relics passed from mother to daughter or uncle to nephews and neices going back generations.

This further extends to their home. Relics and ruins litter the rainforest and many a Khemite scholar wonders and worries what may occur should the makers of such things return to claim their ancestral home.

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