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I’m Aaron Radney, a fantasy illustrator who loves stories, world building and how the two intersect within the field of illustration. I especially enjoy helping clients bring their ideas to life through dynamic illustrations that put a spotlight on diverse heroes. As such, my work (characters and environments) tends to draw heavily from non-Eurocentric inspirations and tries to challenge the ideas about who belongs in the genre. 


I studied at Memphis College of Art in Memphis, Tennessee. I currently live happily with my girlfriend in St. Louis, Missouri and not so happily with her needy tuxedo cat. In my spare time I play fantasy card and tabletop games because clearly building worlds and characters in my art just isn’t enough for me (I think I have a worldbuilding problem. Send help.)

  • MV Media

  • SA Gibson

  • Spirit Gaming​​

  • Sandy Pug Games

Social Media
  • Nerdhaus Games

  • Backwards Games

  • Into the Motherlands

  • Wagadu Chronicles

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