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The Beasts of Ha-Nahn

Beasts both magical and mundane populate Ha-Nahn. Warriors and hunters exist to protect people from the more dangerous ones but few are truly malicious. Lions, leopards, rocs, wild hounds and more carry on as they always have. But woe be it to the unlucky or the unwise to have to pick a fight with an angry wild thing unprepared.

Rune Lions

Powerful predators of the savannahs rune lions aren't a separate species but a rare mutation of normal lions caused through strange and wild magic. They're stronger, smarter and potentially more dangerous though they usually lead their prides away from trouble rather than toward it.

Anklebreaker Dogs

Called such because of their ability to make tight turns that would break another creature's legs and due to their habit of swiping the back legs out from under their prey in a chase anklebreakers are numerous and effective hunters. They're fast, efficient and despite their small size, incredibly dangerous.


Ha-Nahn's skies are ruled by the enormous eagles known as rocs. The creatures sport massive wingspans and nest in high mountain cliffs to survey incredibly large territories. Humans are, theoretically too small to be good eating but every child knows a story about someone who knows someone who was taken by one of the great birds.

Harver Beasts

Perhaps the most dangerous animal in Ha-Nahn harver beasts look harmless and placid, spending much of their time in water. But they are massive, faster than they look and incredibly territorial and aggressive with poor eye sight that causes them to regularly react violently to anything seen as even a potential threat.


A massive, aggressive and territorial snake, the grootslang, along with the roc and the rune lion are known as the three queens of Ha-Nahn as powerful rulers of their respective realms: the sky, the land and the water. Additionally like the rune lion it's believed that the presence of potent magical crystals is the cause of the massive size and power of these beasts.

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