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The Lands of Ha-Nahn

Updated: Feb 2

Across Ha-Nahn the land has its own story to tell and its story in turn shapes the stories of the people who live there. While numerous groups remain nomadic and powerful nations in their own right three stationary nations are especially important to Ha-Nahn's current world.

The Southlands

The Southland territory is a vast expanse of sand that was once an inland sea and stretches for miles! Home to the Zanza, travel is mostly done through the use of caravans for the purposes of safety and ability to carry supplies.

Great markers known as eye stones dot the land acting as landmarks and sometimes miraculous sites of all important water. It's unwise to rely on them but they have saved many a lost traveler's life in this harsh environment where only the Zanza and their nomadic cousins seem to have the knowledge to thrive.

Eye Stones

The Savannah

Moving north to the central plains where water is more abundant yet still somewhat arid. This is generally seen as Atlean territory, especially along the Oluan river. The great open expanses make the area home to numerous large herbivores and equally large predators such as rune lions and rocs.

Rune Lion


The Northlands

In the northern forests is the nation of Khem. The thick shadowed boughs and vast rivers require the people living there to be especially skilled as growing things in the rainforest is surprisingly difficult.

Nevertheless the land has been home to more than one thriving society. Though a great mystery persists in the forest as ruined monuments dot the landscape the the Khemites are uncertain as to who made them, where they came from and if they're coming back.

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